Are you interested in joining a group at St. Paul’s? Parishioners and community members are welcome to contact the Church Office for a group leader’s contact information.


Jonathon Kouri


Wendy Shaw

Rector’s Warden

Bob Bassett

People’s Warden

Katrina Ayling, Eric Hammond

Deputy Wardens

Sandra Cain


Music Director

Wendy Shaw

Envelopes Secretary

Sara Cardona

Deane Zeeman & Cathy Gallagher

Office Administration Team


A Place To Go

Church Office

Adult Spiritual Development

Church Office

Almonte Satellite Food Cupboard

Janet Mavis


Karen Masson

Altar Guild

Lois Rochon

Children’s Church

Church Office


Debbie McQuinn & Dave McCreery

Education for Ministry (EfM)

Dave McCreery


Church Office

Missions & Outreach

Church Office

Prayer Circle

Deane Zeeman

Open Table

Sara Cardona and Dave McCreery

Pastoral Care Group

Lois Rochon

St Paul’s Post (editor)

Deane Zeeman

Sunday Ministries Scheduling

8:30 a.m. service: Lynda Bennett

10:30 a.m. service: Karen Luyendyk

Vacation Bible School

Church Office