St. Paul’s is a parish in the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa, part of the Anglican Church of Canada and of the world-wide Anglican Communion.

Diocesan Synod Participation

IMG_2810The Diocese of Ottawa extends from Lancaster to Mattawa, north to Maniwaki on the Quebec side, and as far west as Iroquois, comprising almost 90 Parishes.

Diocesan Synod is a gathering of representatives from all parishes of the Diocese which meets annually to make decisions concerning the administration and management of the Diocese.  It also meets on other occasions as necessary, for example to elect a Bishop.

Representation is according to the size of the parish; we are represented by two lay members and the Rector.

Governance at St. Paul’s


This body is the principal organ of parish decision-making and is comprised of all adult members in good standing. Vestry must meet once a year, and meets at other times as necessary. Vestry elects most of the positions on Parish Council as well as our members who represent St. Paul’s at Diocesan Synod. As well as discussing and ratifying financial and property-related measures, these annual meetings consider issues of importance to Parish life and make recommendations for Parish Council to follow up.


These are officials of the parish whose concern is the overall administration of the parish, and particularly all the property and financial matters.  Together with the Rector, they form the corporation of the parish which is the legal entity or authority.  The Rector’s Warden is traditionally appointed by the Rector and the People’s Warden elected by Vestry. The Deputy Warden is elected to assist with and learn the duties.


The administrative body of the parish elected by Vestry meets monthly, usually on the third Wednesday evening, excepting July.  The basic responsibilities of Parish Council are to help define and articulate the mission of the congregation; to support the church’s mission by word and deed; to ensure effective organization and planning; and, to manage resources and finances. Comprised of the Rector, Wardens, Treasurer, members of Synod, and Ministries Teams Leads.