Worshiping Together Feedback

St. Paul’s is having a conversation about combining the 9:15 a.m. choir and organ-led service with the 11 a.m. Praise Team-led service. These are the responses obtained from the Sunday morning conversation and the questionnaires used by people to ensure their views are factored in.

Feedback: Conversation on Combined Services
January 29 2017

1. Which service do you usually attend?
9:15 am: 20              11:00 am:  25

2. What attracts you to that particular service?
Time: 22   Liturgy: 14   Music: 34   Community of people: 24

3. Did you attend any of the combined September services?
Yes: 34           No: 11

  • What did you like about that experience? Energy, variety of music, joyful noise, sense of community, unity, size of congregation, being able to see people don’t normally see, connections
  • What did you dislike about that experience: not keen on organ, not keen on modern music, less music that I liked, time: too early / not early enough, felt some tension

4. What do you hope would be the benefits of a combined service?

  • enriches our spirituality
  • potential for better music
  • enjoy both kinds of music
  • experience beauty of both liturgies
  • potential for greater variety of services – including Service of the Word
  • longer sermons
  • ongoing opportunities to worship together and deepen our relationships with each other
  • help find common ground
  • create time for other Sunday activities – opportunity to develop Sunday School
  • consistent joy and energy because we are one –
  • build new energy – create vibrant community that spills out into wider community
  • more appealing to newcomers
  • critical mass benefits our ministries

5. What concerns do you have around a combined service?

  • lack of choice – losing individuality
  • parking
  • people will be hurt
  • too much emphasis on critical mass – loss of intimacy – potential alienation
  • losing members
  • trying to be all things to all people
  • how to overcome personal feelings towards a style of music
  • make people feel uncomfortable
  • potential to become too folksy
  • danger of lengthy service
  • time of service

6. What would you want to see in a combined service?

  • GOD, Eucharist, energy
  • Go out with joy
  • music, hopefully combined; unity of music; beautiful, uplifting, music;
  • respect for differences
  • a sense of being part of the body of Christ, being spiritually fed in a safe space, that can be taken out into the world
  • Name tags to help us get to know people more quickly
  • Use of both screen and service books
  • priest and servers go last – less waiting

7. Recognizing that some things are nice to have and other things may be deal breakers – What are your potential deal breakers?

  • none
  • not putting God first
  • closed mindedness – not being open
  • removal of all forms of traditional music
  • radically changing the liturgy
  • cutting out the Eucharist
  • start time before 10:30 am

8. Is there something that is currently in neither service that you would like to see?

  • a way to pray together for new, unlisted concerns
  • share testimonials
  • evolution, on-going
  • interactive sermons; focused series of sermons
  • Gregorian chant
  • small, intimate gathering before the service
  • evening services
  • flexibility in the timing of services, different times /days
  • more mission and outreach presentations during the services throughout the year to keep us connected with our mission partners

9. If we choose to go the route of a combined 10 am service, there will still be room for our current special services like: Evensong, a family and a choral Christmas Eve Service AND the potential for occasional services:

Are there other services that are important to you?

Evensong, Compline, Prayer and Praise, more Outdoor services, adult baptism, multi-faith, healing, contemporary (during the week/ evening)

10. Is there anything we have not asked that you want to tell us?

  • If we combine –can w have a trial period, then reassess
  • importance of consensus

A PDF copy of the responses, which can be downloaded and printed, has been included for your convenience: