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Lent 4 2017 ~ Opting Out

‌March 26 2017 READINGS: 1 Samuel 16:t 1-13 – ­­Ephesians 5: 8-14 – John 9: 1-41 Opting Out of the Culture of Outrage My son often uses his travel time to chat with his mother. This week he announced his decision to opt out of the current culture of outrage, thanks, in part. to an […]

Lent 3 2017 ~ Come and See

March 19 2017 READINGS: Exodus 17: 1-7 – Romans 5: 1-11 – John 4: 5-42 Draw the circle wide. Draw it wider still. Let this be our song, no one stands alone, standing side by side, draw the circle wide. That’s the chorus of a song that we sang a couple of weeks ago at […]

Lent 2 2017 ~ Changing from Tomb to Womb

March 12 2017 Readings: Genesis 12:1-41 – Romans 4:1-5, 13-17 – John 3:1-17 How we think about things, how we understand them, is important because it determines the way we respond.  If we think a situation is hopeless then we tend to climb aboard the ship of despair and sail down that river.  But that […]

Learn more about our First Nations neighbours

When you listen to the news about our First Nations neighbours, do you feel grief or powerless? Here’s an opportunity to learn more, a first step in any action: on Saturday March 25 at 1 pm, the Tay Valley Township Municipal Office, just west of Perth, will open an display of Algonquin artifacts. The artifacts […]

Worshipping Together – 2017 Vestry Report

HISTORY: 22 years ago, Rob and his Council made the decision to create three services to allow room for growth and differing worship styles. That was a good and faithful decision, suitable for its time. We live in a different time. Numbers no longer warrant two later services. This is an opportune time to try […]

8 a.m. Service Questionnaire Results

Feedback: 8 a.m.  Service Questionnaire – 2017 15 responses were received. The 8 a.m. congregation is also considering the future. Here are their responses. 1. What attracts you to this particular service? Time of the service: 13   Format of the liturgy: 9   Absence of music: 1   Community of people: 8   Other: […]

Worshiping Together Feedback

St. Paul’s is having a conversation about combining the 9:15 a.m. choir and organ-led service with the 11 a.m. Praise Team-led service. These are the responses obtained from the Sunday morning conversation and the questionnaires used by people to ensure their views are factored in. Feedback: Conversation on Combined Services January 29 2017 1. Which […]