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Christmas Day 2017

READINGS: Isaiah 9:2-7 ~ Luke 2:15-20 A priest in central America decided to take a break from regular preaching to listen to the thoughts and insights of the local people. When he told the story of Epiphany, the coming of the wise men, one old peasant commented, When God called the wise men, he sent […]

Christmas Eve 2017

READINGS: John 1: 1-3 ~ Isaiah 52:7-10 ~ Luke 2:1-14 Midwives for God   This morning we heard the story of Gabriel’s visit to Mary and we pondered the importance of the creator of the world asking for Mary’s permission before going ahead with the pregnancy. Now we fast forward to the birth of that child. […]

Advent 4 2017

December 24 2017 READINGS: 2 Samuel 7:1-11 ~ Canticle 18 ~ Luke 1:26-38 Its been 11 years since we celebrated Advent 4 and Christmas Eve on the same day. This morning we listen to the story of the annunciation – of Gabriel’s visit to Mary.  Then we fast forward 9 months so that, tonight, we […]