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Pentecost 16 2017 ~ Rooted Pilgrims

September 24, 2017  Readings: Exodus 16:2-15 ~ Psalm 105: 1-6, 37-45 ~ Matthew 20:1-16 When Israel came out of Egypt, they didn’t arrive in the land of promise overnight.  It was a 40-year journey that happened in stages – stages that allowed the community to be transformed from a ragtag group of runaway slaves into […]

Pentecost 15 2017

September 17 2017 Readings: Exodus 14:19-31 ~ Psalm 114 ~ Matthew 18:21-25 For the past few days I’ve been at the Church in the Wildwood in Lancaster for an EfM [Education for Ministry] training event. And we have been discussing – at length – our images of God and the challenging concept of forgiveness. So, […]

Pentecost 14 2017

September 10 2017 Readings: Romans 13:8-14 ~Psalm 149: 1-3 ~ Matthew 18:15-20 Two weeks ago, we listened to the story of the birth of Moses and pondered Jesus’ timeless question – Who do you say that I am? Last week, we heard of Moses’ encounter with God in the burning bush – and at least […]

Pentecost 13 2017

September 3 2017  Readings: Exodus 3:1-15 ~ Matthew 6:25-34 Ed. Note: this Reflection was offered at the 8:30 a.m. service only. The annual Blessing of the Pets service (without Reflection) was held at 10:30 a.m. When Murray Pierce heard that I enjoy phantasy novels like The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter, he introduced […]