8 a.m. Service Questionnaire Results

Feedback: 8 a.m.  Service Questionnaire – 2017
15 responses were received.

The 8 a.m. congregation is also considering the future. Here are their responses.

1. What attracts you to this particular service?
Time of the service: 13   Format of the liturgy: 9   Absence of music: 1   Community of people: 8   Other: Prefer the Lord’s Prayer that I memorized

2. Have you ever though about combining with the 9:15 am service?

Yes: 1

  • Combine books – somehow

No: 15

  • Like the spoken
  • No, but am not opposed to it
  • Service feels more personal
  • seems like it would be combining apples and watermelon
  • 8 am is just better for me
  • like the time and length of the service

3. What would concern you abound a combined service?

  • changing prayer books – don’t know – never attended a 9:15 service
  • too late in the day (time)
  • other version of Lord’s Prayer
  • both are fine
  • that I would have to feel compelled to sing
  • loss of BCP – using Book of Alternative Services
  • singing the Lord’s Prayer
  • don’t know – have never attended a 9:15 am
  • loss of quiet, early time of day with God
  • not being able to participate without feeling lost (BCP committed to memory – diminished sight and hearing)
  • noise and celebration can be disorienting and stressful
  • loss of intimacy and time to connect spiritually
  • amount of people, could be overcrowded with both services joined together
  • format
  • false bonhomie
  • no concerns (3 people)

4. Recognizing that some things are nice to have and other things may be deal breakers – What are your potential deal breakers?

  • no deal breakers – will go with the flow
  • giving up peace and quiet at 8 am
  • giving up the meditative feel of the service
  • other versions of Lord’s Prayer
  • not sure
  • time – have been going to 8 am for years and would like to continue
  • take time to adapt
  • any combination
  • deviation from liturgy

5. Is there something that we are currently not doing that you would like to see?

  • Too many books. We are a ‘church’ – not a service
  • reminders to readers, greeters,
  • occasional music

6. Is there anything we have not asked that you want to tell us?

  • God be with you with the decision making
  • We survived before with 2 services
  • Church many years ago was only 2 services. It seemed to accommodate most people at that time. Change is also growth.
  • It is very important today to have that quiet time to connect, however we must also find time to share the joy of our faith.
  • Intro music would be nice

If we choose to move to 3 services in the fall for a trial period, I wonder if 8 am might be open to a move to 8:30 am with one piece of music – say, at the offertory – still using the BCP or alternating with the Book of Alternate Services, page 230.

A PDF copy of the responses, which can be downloaded and printed, has been included for your convenience: